Mark Lewis Higgins collaborates with Ballet Philippines in a special fundraising project for "The Firebird"

Something unusual is happening at Ballet Philippines, which we’d like to share with you.
‘The Firebird’ will be staged at CCP from August 19-21, as part of the 47th performance season. The Russian folk tale, choreographed by the accomplished George Birkadze to a rousing score by Igor Stravinsky, will be reimagined and set in pre-Hispanic Philippines, which lends itself to wonderful creative possibilities. 
Pre-Hispanic Philippines was populated with kingdoms, sultanates and indigenous tribes.  Merchants from the Middle East to China and India traded commodities like gold, spices and porcelain…all of which provide abundant inspiration for spectacular costumes.  The artist Mark Lewis Higgins was tapped to create the costumes, and will do so with team of students from Slim’s Fashion & Arts School as a training program. Mark’s paintings are traditionally inspired by history and culture, and his current works are centered on Southeast Asian themes. ‘The Firebird’ will show how his rich aesthetic can be brought to life on stage.
This exciting production is seen as a chance to reach out to a new audience, and to inspire the next generation of talent to consider designing for the stage. It would hopefully mark the beginning of similar collaborations in the future.
With this vision in mind, Mark has volunteered to donate to Ballet Philippines his original paintings of the costume studies and designs. There are fifteen original paintings, packaged as five sets of three. The medium is gouache (watercolor with gesso) and chalk on charcoal paper, and the paintings are approximately 12 x 16 inches each, unframed. Through this special fundraising program, donors will receive a set of three paintings and two VIP tickets to the gala night of "Firebird and other ballets".
For more information on Mark, you can visit For inquiries regarding the show and fundraisnig program, contact Ballet Philippines on 551-1003 or through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4
Set #5

Congratulations to the scholars of the 47th CCP Summer Dance Workshop!




As of Mar. 22, 2016


Congratulations! To avail of the scholarship, dancers must register and submit their contracts on or before Apr. 5, Tuesday. Contracts will be available for release on March 30, Wednesday as well as the schedule of assigned classes and rehearsals. 

Dancers who are not listed may still enroll in the 47th CCP Summer Dance Workshop and will receive a 30% financial grant on tuition fees. 


Company Scholars

1.     Polias, Ace Christian Emmanuelle

2.     Roque, Lea Klariza

3.     Policarpio, Ricmar

4.     Habagat, Maila Jean

5.     Batto, Katherine Marie

6.     Vizmonte, Gabrielle Marie


BPDS Full Scholars

7.     Piel, Alexis

8.     Barrera, Luigie

9.     Mercado, Jacqueline

10.   Andes, Ana Graciela

11.   Santos, Karla Marie

12.   Tamondong, Daphne Joira

13.   Avelino, Richard

14.   Bondoc, Daniela

15.   Lacaba, Carl Edison

16.   Agcambert, Jelliam Stevenson

17.   Quimno, Ana Francesca

18.   Liong, Maria Louisa Herminia

19.   Reyes, Iliana

20.   Solomon, Mines Christian


BPDS Half Scholars

1.     Estoria, Allysa Kaye

2.     Obenza, Joana Marie

3.     Andres, Sophia Amber Adelle

4.     Duque, Maria Natalia

5.     Ong, Katrina

6.     Crisologo, Blanca Maxine

7.     Clemente, Pauline

8.     Bayang, Dorothy

9.     Austria, Jemimah

10.   Miranda, Michelle Katherine

11.   Calingasan, Nicole Lyca

12.   Ganias, Henriellie


BPDS Full Scholars ages 9-13

1.     Shy, Isabel

2.     Agustin, Beatrice Therese

3.     Hervas, Gianna Venice

4.     Iñigo, Maureen Joyce

5.     Riego, Therese

6.     Aguinaldo, Lucia

7.     Alipalo, Camille

8.     Uy, Christianne Mariana

9.     Buhia, Idelle Lauryn

10.   Francisco, Sofia Gabrielle

11.   Millena, Regine

12.   Rivera, Channel

13.   Ilagan, Maxine Priscilla Jullienne

14.   Tolentino, Hannah


BPDS Half Scholars ages 9-13

1.     Gomez, Jullianne

2.     Briones, Jacque Mae

3.     Dela Cuesta, Moira Beatrice

4.     Mendoza, Shekina Zarah

5.     Pelias, Andrea Marie

6.     Escosia, Angela Nicole

7.     Casimiro, Blanca Nicole


Male Scholarship Program

1.     Loneza, Jhomar

2.     Alejandrino, John

3.     Orande, Justine Joseph

4.     Abaño, Michael Bryan

5.     Sunggalia, Eriel Mike

6.     Andes, Jos Daniel

7.     Pineda, King Louie

8.     Andes, Jos David

9.     Escarlan, Christian James

10.   Cruz, Joachim Patrick

11.   Castronuevo, Ivan John


(Photos by Danilo Dayo Jr.)

Meet the band of "Opera"

The creative team behind "Opera" goes beyond the renowned artist Gabriel Barredo and choreographer Redha. Another key aspect in the production is its music. This sets the mood of the show and guides us through the journey throgh Redha's dances and Barredo's installation. Composed by Malek Lopez, the music will be performed live on all three shows by an interesting lineup of musicians:

Armi Millare | Voice

Armi Millare is a singer/songwriter for independent band Up Dharma Down. An Asian Music Major at the University of the Philippines, she also does experimental electronic music and writes music for films.

Malek Lopez | Composer; Keys, Programming

Malek Lopez is an award-winning composer and producer. His recent work includes the Department of Tourism’s “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign, Erik Matti’s “Honor Thy Father” and "Ugnayan Reco_ded", a reworking of Jose Maceda's "Ugnayan" for the 2013 “Listen to my Music” exhibit at the Vargas Museum.  One of the pioneers of live electronic music in the Philippines, his projects and collaborations with kindred artists have involved electro-acoustic composer Chris Brown, fusion jazz group Humanfolk, computer-network improvisation collective The Gangan Ensemble, Germany’s minimal techno meisters The Teichman Brothers, and retrofuturistic groove gurus Bent Lynchpin. He was part of the Goethe-Institut's critical electronic music collaboration anthology, Asia-Pacific Plate, and has brought Manila’s underground electronica culture to venues of convergence across the planet.

Erwin Romulo | Guitar, Assorted Noises & Effects

Erwin Romulo works in film, music and print. He was the musical director of Erik Matti's On The Job (which premiered at Cannes in 2013) and Honor Thy Father and the sound-designer of Lav Diaz's Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis, which will be having its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival this month. For music, he has produced artists such as Armi Millare, Dong Abay and the Eraserheads. He has also been an editor for a number of titles including Rogue, The Philippines Free Press and Esquire Philippines, for which he is the founding editor-in-chief. He has been working with Gabriel Barredo on his exhibitions since 1999.

Caliph8 | MPC, Samples, Percussion

Caliph8 is a composer and sound artist. His main tool is the MPC where he deploys an arsenal of beats, one-note samples and deconstructed audio cut and paste sound collage, creating an aural continuity between the sampled msucian and the synthesist. For the past 20 years, he has been active in Manila, primarily involved with the local outsider culture. As a sound creator and vinyl archivist, his background spans from true school hip-hop, experimental, folk, no wave, sound art, soul, rare grooves, exotica, kraut rock, jazz, psychedelia among others. He combines all these elements and creates a hybrid permutation of gut wrenching aural blast, creating an open-ended tension.

Fred Sandoval | Bass, Electronics

Fred Sandoval is a multifaceted, self-proclaimed musical boffin. An ardent protege and collaborator of Caliph8, Malek Lopez and Erwin Romulo, Fred is actively involved in many projects for both film and performance.

“Opera” will be staged at the Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (CCP Main Theater) on February 13 & 14 at 1:00PM and 6:00PM, with a Fundraising Gala on February 16 at 8:00PM. For inquiries, visit, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call Ballet Philippines at 551-1003. For tickets and reservations, call the CCP Box Office at 832-3704 or Ticketworld at 891-9999. 

Get to know Gabriel Barredo

The renowned installation artist designs the stage for BP's Opera

Gabriel Barredo, a graduate of University of Santo Tomas, is well known for his sculptures and mixed media installations, in which he employs a plethora of found objects. Rods of electric fan covers, broken particles of car windshields, wood, paper, wrought-iron, antique radios, coconut husks, bottle caps, bed springs, fire-hose coils, conveyor belts, wooden beads, computer and refrigerator parts, and cement grinder serve as elements of the sculptural form of his works. Barredo is also recognized for his furniture art pieces, rich baroque-looking assemblages made of everyday objects.
His awards and recognitions include: the gold medal at the Art Association of the Philippines (AAP) Annual Competition in 1981 and 1982; the gold medal at the Metrobank Foundation Annual Art Competition in 1985; the 1st Grand Prize at the Philippine Art Awards (1994); and, the Juror’s Choice at the ASEAN Art Awards held in Singapore in 1994.
His 30-foot installation entitled “Asphalt” was one of the highlights of the inaugural Art Fair Philippines in 2013. In January 2015, he exhibited Opera at Silverlens Galleries, which was then brought to Artspace@Helutrans in Singapore in time with the opening celebrations of the National Gallery Singapore.
“Opera” is a multisensory installation that combines moving sculptures, light, music, and other site-specific works. Seeing it is a complete, immersive experience that crosses the boundaries between art and theater. As a pioneering figure of kinetic sculpture in the Philippines, Barredo seldom withdraws from expression. His remarkable way of turning thousands of found objects to create an imagined world can easily captivate all senses. The exhibition invites us to contemplate on the transformative power of life and death while discovering the artist’s vision and unique eye for detail. To witness Barredo’s “Opera” is to be in a lucid dream that stays with us long after we wake up.
Read up more on Gabriel Barredo here.

Get reacquainted with Redha

The French dancemaker choreographs "Opera", set to open this February

Often described as an “unclassifiable choreographer”, Redha distinguished himself as a personality oriented towards total liberty that draws his inspiration from everyday life from where censorship is absent. He identifies his model in choreography as Baryshnikov to which influences of Lester Wilson, Alvin Killiam or Luis Falco as added.
Redha choreographed for several of the world’s leading dance companies such as the Bolshoi Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater,  The National Ballet of Cuba, Le Jeune Ballet de France, The Het Nationale Ballet, and San Francisco Ballet.
"Je, Tu, Elle", photo by Hydee Ursolino Abrahan
Redha is a dancer and choreographer of mixed French and Algerian descent. He studied with people like Martha Graham, Jerry Grimes and at the Horton School in L.A. Over the last few decades, Redha has become best known for his work in the international entertainment industry and for large-scale opening spectacles of events like the world cup soccer in France (1998) and the World Fencing Championship at the Grand Palais (2010). But he has also gained recognition for his modern ballets. He has had his own dance company since 1981 and nowadays literally works all over the world, from Africa and Europe to the Americas and Asia. He has created choreographies for feature films of Costa Gavras, Roman Polanski, Alain Delon and Francis Ford Coppola and for video clips of Elton John, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Tom Jones and various well-known French singers.
"Les Petits Mots D'Amour", photo by Jojo Mamangun
He has choreographed and staged dances for Ballet Philippines on numerous occasions and has visibly expanded the company’s styles of movement. Redha’s repertoire for Ballet Philippines includes “Je, Tu, Elle” and  “Les Petits Mots D’Amour”.