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About Us

Ballet Philippines (BP) is the leading professional classical and contemporary dance institution of the Philippines.

Ballet Philippines (BP) is the first resident company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the country's leading professional classical and contemporary dance institution. Founded in 1969 by Alice Reyes and Eddie Elejar with the founding Chairman, Jaime Zobel de Ayala, it is widely recognized today as a cornerstone of contemporary Filipino identity. It is the only dance company in the country that is accredited by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification(PCNC), a testament to its 50 years of service to the country’s art and culture.

Moving forward and pushing boundaries is what Ballet Philippines does best. The company strives to develop an innovative world that brings out the best in its dancers. Through its constant, contemporary evolutions, Ballet Philippines stands out on the international dance stage as one of the few companies to successfully synthesize diverse dance and movement forms combined with a seamless integration of modern and traditional Filipino and global identities. 

Ballet Philippines’ repertoire of over 250 works accumulated over 50 years is unmatched by any other dance company in the Asian Region. Although wide in range, the most prominent are Filipino works translating western technique into Filipino movement, theme, design and inspiration to produce a distinctly Filipino dance form.

As an important cultural ambassador of the Philippines, Ballet Philippines has succeeded in showcasing the country’s talented performers and rich cultural heritage of music and dance on the international stage. Ballet Philippines embodies the essence of the Philippines today, steeped in cultural tradition and yet at the cutting edge of contemporary global culture. 


Develop greater awareness, appreciation, and patronage of dance. Create and showcase excellent Filipino and international works in contemporary dance and ballet classics. 


To be the country’s national cultural flagship in ballet and contemporary dance that evokes pride in the heart of every Filipino.