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Ballet Philippines Dance School

Ballet Philippines Dance School (BPDS) is Ballet Philippines’ official dance school, the premier training ground for dance students who wish to pursue a career in dance. With the community quarantine still in place in parts of the Philippines, BPDS launches its online dance training program on its 52nd season with a safe, effective and engaging curriculum that will prepare students for face-to-face classes.

BPDS’ training program is both rigorous and nurturing. It is rooted in excellence in classical ballet and contemporary dance, developing creativity and artistry, while instilling in the young dancer a sense of grace, dignity and respect for oneself, for others and for their craft.

“Teachers [and the school administrators] must be aware of the changing psychology of the child at different age levels. They must be sensitive to the students’ needs and cares while enforcing the much needed discipline that classical ballet training entails.” (Noordin A. Jumalon) 

Schedule of Classes:
September 2021

Kinder Dance A:
Mondays at 2:00-2:45pm (for students 4-5 years old; once a week; 45 mins; max 6 students per class; grown-up supervision required)

Kinder Dance B:
Thursdays at 3:00-3:45pm (for students 4-5 years old; once a week; 45 mins; max 6 students per class; grown-up supervision required)

Wednesdays and Fridays at 3:10-4:10pm (for students 6-7 years old; twice a week; 1 hour)

Classical Ballet 1:
Wednesdays and Fridays at 4:30-5:30pm (for students 8 years old and up/beginners; twice a week; 1 hour)

Classical Ballet 2 and 3:
Tuesdays at 4:00-5:30pm and Fridays at 4:15-5:45pm (with prior training in classical ballet; twice a week; 1 hour 30 mins)

Intermediate Ballet:
Wednesdays at 4:30-6:00pm and Saturdays at 10:00-11:30am (with prior training in classical ballet; twice a week; 1 hour 30 mins)

Advanced Ballet:
Mondays and Thursdays 4:30-6:00pm (with prior training in classical ballet; twice a week; 1 hour 30 mins)

Adult Ballet:
Mondays at 6:00-7:00pm and Saturdays at 9:00-10:00am (for students 15 years old and up with prior experience; twice a week; 1 hour)

Coaching: by appointment

Stay tuned for our Contemporary Dance, Jazz, and Hiphop classes!

Please allow us to assess the student during the first few classes prior to finalizing her/his grade level.

Improv and Contemporary Dance Plus

A 5-week Online Workshop for Pre-Professional Dancers with David Russo

November 16-December 16, 2021

Improv and Contemporary Dance Plus unites different disciplines and dance styles to address body perception, coordination and aesthetics. Drawing from his eclectic background, David’s class aims to mindfully prepare the body for the rigours of being a professional dancer today. The class starts with gently warming up and softening the muscles and joints and develops from plain and pure body-work / work-out exercises, through short floor and standing combinations into more complex choreographic sequences. All these prepare the body to move in space, with an emphasis on coordination, healthy alignment and awareness, of course trying to keep in mind the limited space available. The course intends to address other issues and topics in the overall well-being and current situation of their development as dancers and artists.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!


November 16 to December 16

Every Tuesday and Thursday


10 sessions

About our Guest Teacher

David Russo is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. After his training at the John Cranko School in Stuttgart, he was a solo dancer at the Saarland State Theater in Saarbrücken (1998-2000) and at the State Theater of Gärtnerplatz in Munich with Philip Taylor (2000-2010) and at the Teatro Nuovo di Torino. Today he lives and works in Munich. In addition to his permanent engagements at btm and TTM, where he worked with many choreographers, he has been choreographing his own pieces regularly since 2004, including for Birgit Keil Foundation, Ballet Philippines, Universal Ballet in Seoul and Ballet Dortmund. In addition, he has been organizing community evenings with dance professionals and interdisciplinary performances in the Munich independent scene for several years. In June 2010 he completed his university studies in Ballet pedagogy and has been a lecturer at the Ballet Academy of the Munich University of Music and Theater since the beginning of September 2010. His pedagogical tasks in the last 10 years has been teaching classical and contemporary dance for all classes of students from age 18 to 20 years, he choreographs for school performances as well as the design and further development of the bachelor's degree in Dance. On behalf of the university management, he played a key role in the development and drafting of an overall pedagogical concept for the Ballet Academy, which was published in autumn 2020. In 2019 he founded the dancers Initiativ TanzQuelle, a project to promote self-confidence and solidarity among Munich dance professionals.


Composed of children between 4-7 years old, Pre-Ballet classes develop in the child a love for dance, music, theater and the arts, while gently preparing her body for the physical requirements of dance training later on.