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On Our Stage

In these challenging times of the COVID19 pandemic, we are determined to continue to bring you enriching content to keep the love of ballet alive in the Philippines. Our online shows will carry you into the artistry of Ballet Philippines into your home.

Ancient World, She's So Heavy & Abstract

Three spectacular productions, "Ancient World," "She's So Heavy," and "Abstract" are BP's Christmas gifts to our dear audience. Our way of showing our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for their steadfast support that has kept ballet alive throughout this time.

"Ancient World," choreographed by BP’s Guest Choreographer, John McFall; "She’s So Heavy," choreographed by BP’s Guest Artist, Joseph Phillips; and "Abstract," choreographed by BP’s Artistic Director, Mikhail Martynyuk, in collaboration with Yuchengco Museum.

When asked what one can expect from the season's highlight production, McFall piques curiosity with, “'Ancient World' is a memory and reflection of another time and place. An intuitive feeling of when our place of being somewhere was simpler. Our relationship to the world was in touch with the nature of the forests, rivers, and mountains, and everything that lived within them. We, as a people living as a community respectful of our ancestors’ knowledge and what they shared; generations of ourselves blending into living life with the earth.”

“The lockdown created hunger and the need for dancers to be involved in a creative process and their energy, strength, resilience, and joy are the inspiration for the work. 'She’s So Heavy' is a testament to the indomitable spirit of dancers struggling under the weight of the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Phillips about the inspiration behind the performance.

Martynyuk shares, “'Abstract' is a juxtaposition of different modern dance movements, highlighted by different styles of music, while showcasing abstract paintings, mixed with artsy images of the Yuchengco Museum’s architectural interiors, aiming for a modern, jazzy and syncopated dance.”

BP President Kathleen Liechtenstein offers this sincere and enthusiastic greeting, "Together, let us keep dancing through the 52nd Season! On behalf of Ballet Philippines, we wish you and your loved ones a Christmas filled with joy and a New Year blessed with grace and abundance!