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In these challenging times of the COVID19 pandemic, we are determined to continue to bring you enriching content to keep the love of ballet alive in the Philippines. Our online shows will carry you into the artistry of Ballet Philippines into your home.

Body + Positive

As we continue battling the current global Covid-19 pandemic, BP aims to tackle more relevant modern-day issues by featuring 'Body+ Positive' to increase HIV awareness.

With excerpts from 'Swan Lake', Mark Bogaerts’ 'Bolero', Enrico Labayen’s 'Cloth' and other significant pieces, the performance highlights dancers’ inborn athleticism alongside the distressing rise of HIV in the Philippines.

Among classical performances included in 'Body+ Positive' such as 'Swan Lake' and 'Bolero', original masterpieces 'Cloth' by Enrico Labayen and Erl Emmanuel Sorilla’s 'Requiem to a Cygnet' are, among others, two significant reasons to catch this performance.

'Body+ Positive' is not just a fantastic ballet performance to watch, it is also a call for HIV awareness. According to the Department of Health’s HIV AIDS and ART Registry of the Philippines, as of March 2021, there were 1,041 confirmed HIV-positive individuals reported. 95% (991 of these individuals) were male. The median age was 28 years old (age range: 6-65 years old). More than half of the cases (52% or 538) were 25-34 years old and 30% (316) were 15-24 years old at the time of diagnosis.*

While COVID-19 may have caught everyone’s attention, let us pause for a few seconds and remember those who have passed from and those who are living with HIV.