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Success Stories

Our wholehearted gratitude goes to BP’s donors whose ceaseless support makes it possible for us to keep on dancing. Ballet Philippines is honored to share their stories. May they not only enkindle hope but moreover embolden others to open their hearts and keep ballet alive.

A Passion for Arts Runs Through His Veins

Arsenio ‘Nick’ Lizaso, Chairman of the NCCA and President of the CCP, recounts that first and foremost, he’s an artist. A passion that he has never been able to run away from. Not just theater, film, and television, where his name is most known, but music, dance, literature and visual arts as well.

Lizaso comes from a long line of actors and artists on both sides of his family and with a prestigious family tree such as this, he has carried these genes through his career as an actor to director and even a producer in all media from theatre , television and film and then back again.

He describes his life as a continuous performance and invites the audience to join him in his ultimate goal of bringing the arts to the people. His advocacy as an artist is closing the gap that separates elite performances from everyday people. That special magical moment that happens between the audience and the performer must be made available to people from all walks of life.