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Success Stories

Our wholehearted gratitude goes to BP’s donors whose ceaseless support makes it possible for us to keep on dancing. Ballet Philippines is honored to share their stories. May they not only enkindle hope but moreover embolden others to open their hearts and keep ballet alive.

Welcome to the world of Patis Tesoro, Renaissance woman

One of Philippine Fashion’s pillars, Patis Tesoro has spent 50 years of dedication, artistry, and passion as a premier expert in Filipiniana. Her work has resulted in the conservation and revival of Filipino arts and crafts. She is a Renaissance woman who loves to constantly create beautiful things while living in beauty amidst the clean air and surroundings of San Pablo, Laguna—a lifestyle she has chosen, to honor her dream of one day living in a less stressful atmosphere. She continues to dream and envisions her current home in Laguna to someday be an institute of the arts where artists may hone their skills and future artists may be inspired. Patis shares that she is happy and would like to share happiness with family and friends that brings on creativity and peace. She shares, “Welcome to my world, do not say goodbye and I hope you will also enjoy something that will make you happy. With this, Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.”